Another Windows Phone 10 rant

So here are SOME of my complaints about the OS after being a slow ring insider since August 2015, using a Microsoft 535. Anyone welcome to help me solve any of those! Subscribe to my channel for more things that don’t work

I know this is beta and stuff, but it will soon be released, so all of those issues will be fixed hahahahaha!

1. Apps not updating.

Some apps just do not want to update, even microsoft ones. And with so few users, I have found no fix or any clue on the internet. (There may be one, but several hours of searching did not give any results.)

2. Error code WTF???

Talking about errors, MS has this nice error code that you can search for and find what your problem is, right? NO!! Because most error codes I encountered were used in older windows! How am I supposed to use a fix for Windows XP to help Viber not upgrading on my Windows 10 Phone?

3. WiFi enables collects gps data. (And gps not locking)

So when I enable my WiFi, the little gps icon appears for one or two seconds, without me enabling any gps. Probably Microsoft are trying to get my location to «improve my user experience». Too bad the gps on this device does not work, the maps can only find my location within 5km, irregardless of how long I move. I can go to another city, it will still point to those initial  5km. (This may be a hardware issue, I don’t know)

4. What was great about PC windows

and sucks about all mobile OS: Lets say you have an app, and you want to use a file in that app. You would use that nice tool windows have, that help you choose which file you want. Easy, modular, time proven and reliable! Instead, Microsoft copied the shitty «share» menu all other mobile OS have, and they copied it terribly. What they should have done, is let me choose from all my storage the file I want!

What happens right now (and I am bored to prove with screenshots) is you take a picture, and then press the share button, and the app you want is not on the list. Then you go in the app, you press to choose a picture, and their picture browser has not updated the pictures, so the one you just shot is not on the list. Then you throw your device in the toilet, flush and go buy an iphone 3. Or a cat, they are fun too.

5. The sliders on the volumes

They are totally messed up, don’t you agree? Why is the one from zero to 10 and the other ftom zero to 30? That’s actually funny.

6. Microsoft Outlook not working


You send an email, and 12 hours later you get the above message. Really convenient.

7. Microsoft groove and onedrive not working

For some reason it can only play half of the songs I own*.

Funny thing, it is neither working on desktop, it freezes when you try to minimize and maximize again. You didn’t know, did you? It is because nobody uses it.

8. Age of Empires: Castle siege not working

There is this weird black bar on the side. At least it is a Windows Phone exclusihahahahahahahahahahahaha

10. The instant reply from the dropdown is nice though

Too bad it only works on SMS. It doesn’t even work on skype, which is intergraded into messages.


*I pirated them.


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